Ignition is a web application designed to help freelancers to manage their entire business. Users can use it to manage projects, create quotes and invoice customers. It provides a centralised location for communicate with their clients, manage their workload and keep track of their income.

When I joined the Ignition team, my role was to design and program the user interface and it’s underlying databases. The first stage was to design each aspect of the user interface in accordance to the project brief provided by its founders, Donovan and Grant. The second stage was to develop this interface into HTML pages, using jQuery and AJAX to make the interface more interactive and intuitive. The final stage is use PHP and MySQL to add complex and robust functionality to the web app.

Ignition is built on top of a traditional LAMP configuration. It was designed in Fireworks, built in HTML and CSS3 and programmed in PHP and MySQL

http://www.ignitionnow.com/ (Currently in development)