FatCap is a leading international graffiti and street-art social network, which serves as the online home for the world’s most prolific street-artists. The site allows street-artists and street-art aficionados to build profiles, show-case their work and read news on the ever-changing street-art world.

The site is built using the Symfony 2 PHP framework and supports a highly optimised server architecture, including using powerful optimisation technology such as Nginx, Varnish Cache and ElasticSearch.

My contributions to the website are diverse, and include optimising CSS development using CSS Sprite-sheets and SASS, significantly reducing the load time of the server, rewriting and optimising the javascript and query implementations, and building a new process which allows users to upload and tag their photos in a far faster and more intuitive way. I worked closely with the website’s owner to develop effective user experience flows, and to provide a robust solution for stylesheet localisation.