FatCap Agency

FatCap is a leading international graffiti and street-art social network, which serves as the online home for the world’s most prolific street-artists.

The agency site allows companies to recruit street-artists for design contracts and to decorate their spaces. Fatcap acts as the connector, introducing businesses of all sizes to street-artists looking to work for hire.

The site is a single page covering the various aspects of Fatcap’s services, and showcasing their work. It includes numerous, powerful interactive set pieces such as slideshows and timelines, and features beautiful CSS3 and Javascript transitions throughout.

My responsibility was to translate the designs into structured HTML5 and CSS. I setup an automatic build process using Grunt, which allowed the site to automatically generate minified CSS, Javascript and spritesheets to keep loading times to a minimum. I implemented seamless transisitions throughout the page, and implemented clean, robust interactive features such as slideshows and timelines. The data for the site is all handled via JSON, enabling the site moderators to make changes on the fly without having to modify code.