Farting Felix

Farting Felix is a personal project to make a game for iOS. Guide Felix through four epic adventures as he runs, jumps and farts his way through ridiculous and very challenging levels. Challenge your friends to beat your highscores or climb the world charts to be the best EVER!

Throughout the development of Farting Felix, I handled all aspects of its creation – concept, programming, design, animation and project management. The game is developed using native Objective-C and the Cocos2d game development framework. The game art was designed and animated in Adobe Flash, after which additional shading was applied in photoshop. The images were compiled into spritesheets using TexturePacker, and then compressed using the iOS specific PVR.CCZ image compression for faster reading from the memory card.

The project also called for a level designer, which was custom built in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript with a NodeJS backend. The level editor converted visual layouts into plist files that can be read within the game, giving a straightforward way to design game levels without editing code.